The Plantagenets

Henry II and Thomas Becket

A good introduction to Henry II can be found here.
Part two of the documentary can be found here.
The climax is covered in part three which can be found here.
The Film ‘Becket’ from 1964
Thomas Becket saying that he will be judged by the pope alone:

Excommunication of baron Gilbert scene

Whole film, with murder and flagellation in last 10 minutes.

The Crusades

Flipquiz on early Medieval England
Flipquiz on Early Medieval England (up to the Crusades).

King John and Magna Carta

A useful video about King John is found here.

Henry III and the evolution of Parliament

Here is a useful video about the reign of Henry III.

Simon de Montfort and The origins of parliament

Edward I, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

There is a useful YouTube video (in 3 parts) starting

The second part is here.

The third part here

Edward II and III
Another useful video from the same source on Edward II can be found here.

And Edward III here.

Richard II and disputed succession
The origins of the wars of the Roses lay in the death of the Black Knight and the reign of Richard II.

Henry Bolingbroke as Henry IV


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