The British Empire

Battle of the Abraham Plains

The British in India



See the interactive map on the BBC website (archived)

See also the video materials on the slave trade on the BBC 2 history file pages

The Geography of Slavery website

The Triangular Trade

Abolition of Slavery
The sources and instructions for the abolition essay can be found here.


The East India Company

The Scramble for Africa

The Boer War


Six Great Individuals of the Empire

Here is a great account of Robert Clive, old Salopian (i.e. he was an alumnus of Shropshire School) who fought and won the decisive battle of Plassey, defeating 68,000 with an army of just 3,000:
BBC Shropshire on Robert Clive

Mary Kingsley is chiefly remembered for her explorations of Africa and educating British people about Africa but she is celebrated for her challenge to British imperialism and in particular to the church of England and their missionaries. Read more here

James Wolfe – Britain’s Greatest General – fought and defeated the French at Quebec on 13th September 1759, helping to unify Canada and the American colonies under the British crown. Find out more here.

Mungo Park was a Scottish explorer and expeditionary who discovered the Niger river. His exploits can be discovered at Spartacus history.


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